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27 King Street East, Forest, Ont. N0N 1J0

BuildingAlpaughs2015John Alpaugh first opened a monument shop in Fergus prior to the turn of the century. Upon his demise his son Henry took over management of the Fergus business and his brother Charles worked for him. Charles eager to set out on his own heard of a business for sale in the town of Forest which was owned by Jacob Rupp.

In 1924 he purchased it from him. Charles operated the business at the Rupp location with the help of his son Ted and his brother-in-law John Howard. In 1927 Charles purchased the present shop and house at 27 King St. from Fin Chalk who had operated a veterinary & livery stable from the location. In 1952 Charles retired and his son Ted bought the business. Ted ran the business, was caretaker of the cemetery and manufactured cement burial vaults. In 1979 Ted passed away and his wife Alma took over management of the business with their son Brian doing the engraving and installation of monuments.

In 2003, the business was purchased by Brian's daughter, Lindsay and her husband, Jason, who run it today.


Pictured above is the original shop of Alpaugh's Memorials purchased from Jacob Rupp by Charles Alpaugh in 1924. It was located between the present Co-op yard and the former location of Jack Southens Mill. L. to R. - Jacob Rupp, John Howard, Charles Alpaugh, Ted Alpaugh.


Alpaugh's Memorials circa 1952,
Moved to King Street in Forest


Alpaugh's Memorials circa 2010,
King St., Forest.

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Alpaugh’s Memorials

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27 King Street East, Forest, Ont. N0N 1J0

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